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Fresh in Grandmas Kitchen
All medibles are most affective when taken alone!  Effective? ~ Yes they are!
All medibles are $5ea 
  mix and match any
         5 for $20 --------------- save $5
       12 for $45 --------------- save $15
      20 for $70  --------------- save $30
      30 for $100 --------------save $50

You can pre-order: Cookies, Lollipops, Cream Filled Cupcakes, Canna Ranchers and much more....


NOTE: All products are properly wrapped and labeled with ingredients.  Please keep all products out of the reach of non-members!  Please do not request medicated edibles (medibles) if you have any type of food allergy.  Persons with food allergies, or specific recipe needs, need to make us aware of their condition so Veterans Care can attempt to provide. 

The most important ingredient used when making all edibles, love....

Thank you for visiting!

Call 805-710-3654 to get verified....                               

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